Life Lately – What’s Been Going On Over Here

This post has taken me an embarrassingly long time to get together. I’ve thought about it a lot, but haven’t sat down to get it published, so here we go!

I haven’t been travelling for the last few months (when I primarily drafted my posts), which has been great, but now that I am on a bit more regular travelling schedule, I anticipate I will have more time on planes and alone in hotels to get my posts together.

Anyways, what has been going on over here?!


Baker has grown like a weed. We are so in love with him. He brings such extra love and excitement to our life. He’s just so fun to have around!

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Life Lately-10

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We also had a bunch of guests come and stay with us once I returned from Amsterdam. I swear, we have had ~4x more guests in our nine months as we had in Madison in 3 years. It has been great to get to know our city a bit more through the eyes of our guests, taking Freedom Trail walks, and showing them our favorite places.

We have also taken a few weekend trips: Newburyport for Memorial Day, Wisconsin for my Bridal Shower, Portland for a fun Bachelorette, and a few weekend trips to RI to spend time with my parents, and let Baker run free in the back yard!

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Wedding planning has started picking up with all of the little things we have to finish in time for the big day. We recently took our engagement photos with our wedding photographer, and I cannot wait or those to come back. We felt so at ease, and I know we are going to love them!

Oh, and I met The Bachelor, Chris Soules, in the airport the other week. He was so charming, and incredibly attractive! What a fun little treat in the Minneapolis Airport.

Life Lately-21

I am so thrilled that summer is here – the painfully slow spring made the transition slow, but it’s beginning to feel worth it. Exactly one year ago we found out we were moving to Boston, and the summer was quick and hectic with the move. I am hoping to enjoy this summer a bit more! It is going to be filled with wedding celebrations for our friends and our own, beach days, and as many walks with Baker as we can fit into a day.

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I will make no promises about posting more regularly, but I do hope to not let as much time go between posts.