Friday Finds: Puppy Essentials

This week’s Friday Finds are some essentials I have found necessary for our puppy, Baker.

Friday Finds: Puppy Essentials

The consummate planner, once I knew the date we would pick Baker up, I ordered a million and one things on Amazon. If we are being honest, some were a waste of money, but some have been huge hits. Below are some of the items that Baker loves!

Kong Toys

We love so many of the Kong Brand toys. The Original Kong, the Kong Pet Stix, their Squeaky Balls, the Wubbas are all huge favorites in this house. Also their Cozies are adorable and Baker snuggles with his moose most nights. The Kong toys are all super durable, and even with his sharp little puppy teeth, we haven’t had any toys rip or tears!

Dog Puzzle Toys

Baker is a smart dog, and loves a challenge. Like most puppies, he can be a pain in the rump sometimes when he wants attention. We bought these dog treat hiding toys (here and here) as a means to keep him occupied while we are cooking or working on other things. He loves them, and has quickly figured out how to master them. I also got a bone to hide soft treats in to take in the crate. This has been a life saver when I feel guilty about leaving him.

Snuggle Puppy

Baker is obsessed with this guy. We got it with him from the breeder and it was in his crate when I picked him up. Snuggle Puppy has a beating heart and Baker sleeps with him every night. He also shakes him around and plays with him all the time. He always goes to get him out of his crate when he wants to play.

Polka Dog Bakery

Feeding Baker treats he likes and are good for him has been a priority for me, and the Polka Dog Bakery makes it pretty easy. They have tons of healthy and fresh dog treats, and Baker just loves going. His favorite are the chicken little and lucky duck sfizis and the wonder nuggets!

Easy Walk Harness

We took Baker to puppy kindergarten when we got him, and our trainer recommended this harness to help with his pulling on the leash. It hooks onto the leash in the front, and there has been a marked difference in how Baker is on a leash now.

Right Size Kennel

We got a small kennel with Baker when he got here, and as he grew out of it, he got more and more restless at night and would wake up multiple times. Once we got him a bigger crate, we were back to sleeping through the night. We have liked the hard sided kennels because don’t make a lot of noise when he moves at night.

Obviously this isn’t an exhaustive list, but these are just a few of the items we love for Baker and he loves back. Do you have a puppy? What are your favorite toys or treats?!