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After the hectic travel of the past few months, and the holidays, and everything else, it feels like time is finally slowing back to normal. I am finally getting back to paying a bit more attention to this here blog, now that our new roommate is calming down in his new home.

Weeks one and two (and three and four) of having a puppy flew by in a blink.

Meet Baker Wellington, stealer of hearts and apple of TJR’s and my eye. He can be a real pain sometimes, but most of the time he is incredibly sweet and absolutely adorable.

With this little man comes a lot of guilt over leaving him to go out or spending time away from him while he is so little. We have found an excellent dog walker during the days, but haven’t loved going out when we would rather spend time with him. As such, I have been cooking far more than usual, and trying out some of the (many) cookbooks we got for Christmas. Recipes to come, but it is so cozy having time at home to play with the little guy, cook, and binge watch Netflix/Amazon Prime.

We got our first real snow of the season this weekend and Baker LOVED IT. It was so adorable watching him run around in the snow, and I love walking around in the evening while the snow is falling and everyone else is inside. Even in the city, it is quiet.

We are nearing our 6 month anniversary in Boston (HOW DID THAT HAPPEN) and we are finally getting into the swing of things and purposefully going to find new places, stores and restaurants – it feels like we are finally exploring and getting to know the area. Sometimes I cannot believe we live here – but most days it feels like home!

Enjoy the pics of whats been going on in the 6+ weeks I haven’t posted, no promises, but hoping to get back to a better posting routine soon!

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  1. Linda Glennon says:

    Great pictures

    February 8, 2016