DIY Face Masks

You guys know I love my clean beauty products, and one of my favorite places to buy clean and safe beauty products in Boston is Follain. So when my friend told me about a “make your own face mask” event with Follain at the Artemis Design Co in Allston, I jumped on it!

I love face masks. There is something so indulgent about pasting one on your face, putting on a plush bathrobe and watching TV or sipping on a glass of wine. Some of my favorite face masks are The Aztec Secret Healing Clay and the Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask, but I had never made my own. Little did I know, it couldn’t be easier!

The event took place at the Artemis Design Co in Allston and it is such a cozy and inviting space (I wish I had more pictures, but here is one from the website) and once the small group assembled, we discussed our skin care needs and processes. Jeannie and Tara from Follain were so incredibly knowledgeable (duh because one is a makeup magician and the other the founder of Follain) and it was awesome to pick their minds about products, practices, and clean beauty in general – I was in awe! I could go on about Follain for days, but more on that sometime soon.


For our masks, the ingredients we used were turmeric (for brightening), cinnamon (for circulation), and yogurt (for exfoliation) or honey (for moisture), as well as a bunch of clays from the store. You can modulate what you add in based on what your skin needs that day, which is the awesome part about making a mask yourself. I was surprised by how much of each ingredient you actually need to make a great mask – a little bit (a tablespoon of the base) goes a long way. You only need ~1 Tbsp of the base and just keep adding add-ins (spices, clay etc) until it becomes a paste. It’s that easy!


I mixed my mask with yogurt, a little bit of honey, a few dashes of turmeric and cinnamon as well as a little bit of the Earth Tu Face Calendula and Carrot Mask. As soon as I put the mask on, it felt wonderful and I could feel the cinnamon working on my circulation. I love the feeling that a mask is working. When I washed it off, it felt incredible. Tara and Jeannie had brought some other face treats to apply after the masks, a wonderful Ursa Minor toner, and then my favorite, the Kahina Argan Oil. It absorbed so quickly and felt so light!

After the class my face felt wonderful all night, and I have already put my new skills to the test and made myself a mask the other night! It is so easy to make products with stuff you already have around the house, I had no idea! Check out a little

Thank you to Milicent of Artemis Design Co for hosting the workshop and Tara and Jeannie for their incredibly expertise. If you are interested in other workshops at Artemis, check them out here! And if you are in Boston, DC, or Nantucket and haven’t stopped into Follain, do yourself a favor and go! Your skin will thank you!