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Last week I went to a Barreless Barre Class with a bunch of other Boston Bloggers taught by Jessica Diaz hosted by Jenna of Boston Chic Party and Crane & Lion Store at their adorable shop in the South End.

When Jenna reached out about the event, I had never heard of Crane & Lion and I am so happy to have been introduced to the brand. They are a clothing company focused on making high quality, neutral colored and flexible clothing. As they put it:

Crane & Lion strives to empower the statement you make on each day no matter how intense, or relaxed, you require it to be

Now that I work from home often, I LOVE having clothing I can work out in (or not) and just as easily feel trendy running errands in. I also love that these pieces are timeless and are unlikely to go out of style from what I can tell!

The Barreless Barre class kicked my ass. Honestly, I needed it. Jessica is incredibly inspiring in her story to fitness and health. She shared with us that she had a stroke at a young age, and that Barre was one of the ways she got in touch with fitness and got her health back. While I haven’t recently had a stroke, I have been recently letting my health fall to the back burner, and now is the time to switch that around. I loved that she focused us on posture instead of rounding our backs, and I felt all the same burn I was used to without the upper neck pain. Jessica teaches at Asana Charlestown and Equinox, and if you’re near there, you should definitely give her class a try.

After the class I we had a little shopping event, and the Tunic Hoodie I bought has been a staple for the past week. It is so comfortable and versatile – I have seriously worn it nonstop! I also have my eyes on some of their pants! The leggings Jenna is wearing here are so cute and I love the little rouching detail on the bottom!

Crane & Lion has a lot of big things coming including two new stores (Beacon Hill and Nantucket), so I have a feeling I will have PLENTY more opportunities to lust over their apparel and probably make some purchases I sneak into the house (I am pretty sure everyone can relate).

Thank you so much to Kaity and the Crane & Lion team, Jenna, and Jessica for hosting this great event!

I attended the Barreless Barre Class for free, but all opinions above are my own.

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  1. Love your tunic choice- it is so cute! Thanks again for coming!
    xoxo, Jenna
    Boston Chic Party

    February 24, 2016
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    April 2, 2016