Cyber Monday Scores

You might as well call this past Cyber Monday, “Ellie Scores on Natural Beauty Products” Day.

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Both Tata Harper and Jackson | Brooke were having big big sales, and I stocked up on old favorites, and found some new ones I NEED to tell you about.

I first read about Jackson | Brooke on The Stripe a few weeks ago, and I was really curious about a bunch of their products. I love their philosophy “We want the best that nature has to offer our bodies, and are determined to find it, against all odds.” I found no less than 10 things I wanted to buy immediately, but restrained myself in hopes of a sale – and thankfully Cyber Monday brought that my way.

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In the market for a new non-exfoliating wash (I still love love love the Tata Harper Regenerating Cleanser), I decided to try the Indie Lee Brightening Face Wash, and it is such a luxury. I love the smell and it feels like a citrusy treat each morning. It wakes me right up, even if my face doesn’t look it. I also restocked on my favorite Exfoliating face wash from Tata Harper, because duh.

Grace raved about the Lather SPF 30 Face Lotion, and I had to give it a try. While I love the Tata Harper stuff that I use, my biggest complaint is that there is no SPF. I have tried some natural sunscreens before and been really frustrated. Chalky, white, hard to rub in, you know what I mean, but this lotion is so different. And amazing. No extra time needed to rub in, and no odd sickly glow. Just sun protection on your clean face. I am a big fan already. And of course, with the big sale, I had to stock up on my favorite Concentrated Brightening Serum from Tata Harper. I put this on at night and have definitely seen the results.

Another great nighttime cream I have been using is the Sunday Riley Good Genes. I leave it on as a lotion overnight as a recommendation from Cera at Arch, and I love how my skin feels in the morning. Definitely worth a try if you are looking for a good night lotion.

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I am terrible about keeping my body hydrated in the winter. I rarely put on body lotion, even though I know I should. I just haven’t found a lotion that I like that I actually feel works. I also haven’t found a natural lotion I have liked at all. I tried the Tata Harper Firming Body Lotion and the Body Oil, and while they both applied easily, I didn’t feel the body lotion lasted well. For a fraction of the price, I decided to try the Lather Body Lotion and the Indie Lee Body Lotion from Jackson | Brooke. I am so in love with the Lather lotion. It is SUPER moisturizing, lasts ALL DAY and you can still tell that you applied it in the evening. The Indie Lee lotion is a bit thinner but still as lasting. I will be reordering a lot of these in the future.

I have been looking for a natural deodorant for a while now, and have really struggled finding one I like. The spray kind of weirds me out, because “is it really working” and then the balms you have to rub on are also kind of bizarre. We expect deodorant to be in a stick, so when it isn’t, it doesn’t feel right. I tried this new Lovefresh Eucalyptus and Mint deodorant stick, and it is great. It really does work (which I will say I was doubting) and also smells awesome. It is a bit harder to put on than traditional deodorant, doesn’t “glide” but it does get on well.

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My lips have been completely and utterly chapped since I went to Italy, pretty much non-stop. I have been trying everything under the sun to keep them hydrated, but most of the time I have fallen short. When I saw this Mint Julep Lip Scrub at Follain the other day, I jumped on it after trying it in the store. The oils in the scrub make your lips super soft after the sugar comes off (you can eat it too!). I really like how it makes my lips feel and then I have been topping it off with this Indie Lee Balm. It is versatile for lips, hands, cuticles etc. It has been keeping my lips soft, and hopefully with this double whammy my lips will be back to normal soon.