Getting Cozy Into Fall

You know it’s fall when…For me it is when I have an inexplicably nerdy urge to go back to school, buy a calendar or planner, and get organized. It is also the time I start want cleaning the apartment and get my home feeling cozy and organized for fall. I know that January is the real “new year” but something about fall that feels like a fresh start.

This year, fall is coming with a real fresh start; new city, new apartment, new home. For me, a feeling of home isn’t just with the decorations, it is being comfortable regardless of what you’ve got around you. Luckily, the new place is already feeling like home, in spite of the corrugated accents we have waiting to be unpacked.

After the last eight weeks, all I want to do is sit home and have a night alone with my fiancĂ©. It shouldn’t be a tall request, but it hasn’t been easy! Below are some of my essentials for a cozying up this fall in our new home. What are your cozy indulgences for fall?

  1. Roasted Chicken in the oven – Is there anything better than an amazing roast chicken? No. It makes the house smell absolutely scrumptious, tastes amazing, and provides left over and deliciousness for the next days. Roast Chicken on a Sunday night instantly speaks home to me. This is my personal favorite recipe.
  2. Big Warm Blanket – I love watching TV with a big blanket over me. It feels indulgent to cuddle up on the couch with a blanket and watch a chick flick, and I love the look of this big chunky knit or something extra luxe with this cashmere throw.
  3. Warm Slippers – I wear these slippers all of the time. My feet get cold easily, and slippers keep them warm and snuggly.
  4. Good Book – I have been trying to read more, and nothing feels more luxurious than catching up with a good book and a cup of tea. Working from home, I have taken to reading for about 15 minutes before I start my day, and I love how it sets me up for a great day!
  5. Football – I am a big fan of “fall football.” Sometimes by the end of the season, I get sick of watching football, but with the beginning of fall, football feels so much more fun and welcome. Watching the game with a good beer or a glass of wine on a Sunday afternoon is my favorite fall afternoon.