The Madison Bucket List

In case you missed it, Tim and I are moving. As such, we are trying to hit up all of our favorite places before we move, so we have put together a bucket list. A pretty good bucket list if I do say so myself. We love all of the places on this list and have been to most more than once, and we cannot wait. It’s a veritable food and drink tour of Madison, clearly our favorite things!

Below are all of our must try places, and if we’ve already checked some off, I have included some pics.
Madison Bucket List-1

Madison Bucket List-2

Madison Bucket List-3

Madison Bucket List-4

Madison Bucket List-5

Madison Bucket List-6

Madison Bucket List-7

Madison Bucket List-8

Madison Bucket List-9

Madison Bucket List-10

Madison Bucket List-11

The Madison Bucket List:

Pizza at Grampa’s – 7/2
Drinks at the Memorial Terrace – 7/3
Karaoke at the Karaoke Kid – 7/4
Late Night Pizza at Ian’s – 7/4
Bloody Mary’s at Genna’s – 7/4
Farmers Market – 7/4
Brunch at Sardine – 7/5
Burger and fries at Sardine – 7/5
Ice Cream from Daily Scoop – 7/5
Tacos at Tex Tubb’s – 7/6
Beers at One Barrel – 7/6
Concert on the Square – 7/8
Magnum of rosé from Square Wine – 7/8
Breakfast at 4 & 20 bakery – 7/9
Sushi at Red Sushi
Asian Slaw at Muramoto
Burger at Graze
Deviled Eggs at Heritage
Dinner at Sujeo
Breakfast at Manna Café
Brunch at Marigold
The Regret at Merchant
Fries at Coopers
Dinner at L’Etoile
Pizza at Greenbush
Pizza at Sal’s
Dinner at Forequarter
Chicken Wings at Gates and Brovi
Brunch at Eldorado