The Art of Taking a Bath

After a long week, I don’t think there is anything better than taking a bath. I have put together some tips for a great bath experience below and hope you can use them to treat yo self to a bath sometime soon!

1. Set the stage for a relaxing experience. Put some candles in the bathroom, light them and dim the lights. If you’re like me, the apartment florescent lights are not very flattering, so setting up some candles makes the generic apartment bathroom much more inviting.

2. Pour in some bath salts or bubble bath – nothing feels more indulgent than a rich layer of bubbles above the water. But there is something about bath salts! I love the smell! I usually add the bubbles when I begin drawing the bath and the salts at the end. I also LOVE a full full bath. In an apartment, the tubs are fairly small, so I need to trick the tub into getting fuller than it wants to. A trick I use is covering the emergency drain with a solo cup so I can over fill the tub…Probably not the best, but it works.

3. Pour a glass of wine – this one is obvious, but a nice glass of red wine will do wonders for a bath. I saw these recently and I need one.

4. Prop a book or your iPad on a bath caddy – Sometimes a soak is all you need to reset, but sometimes you need a book or a TV show is what you need to relax. I am partial to watching my crappy TV shows in the bath so Tim doesn’t have to suffer through.

5. Apply a mask and relax – Once your bath is good and ready for you, apply a mask and start relaxing. I love the Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask, but also love the Sephora single use face masks because they are so easy and convenient.