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I am curious by nature, so I love finding a class or course online to teach me more about a particular topic. So far, I have learned how to use WordPress, use my DSLR, sew, play with Adobe Illustrator, and redesign my blog. I have mentioned some of those classes in the context of some projects but thought I would round them up for you here! Some of the ones below are ones I have taken, and some I have heard are worth taking.

What classes have you taken? Any recommendations?

Skillshare – I used Skillshare to learn how to vectorize my calligraphy to create my Christmas Cards and practice calligraphy. I also used it to play around with Illustrator. There are so many classes on here including calligraphy, photography and cooking.

Code Create Now – As I have mentioned before, this course was invaluable in learning how to redesign my website. I gained the skills and confidence to code the redesign of this website, as well as one for my mom’s Nantucket Basket business.

A Beautiful Mess – I have actually purchased a bunch of A Beautiful Mess classes. I love their blogging course Blog (Design) Love 2.0, and their DSLR Basics course has helped to challenge and improve my photography skills. Using one of the lessons in their sewing course, I just made myself an apron on my sewing. I love the modules, and I plan on learning a lot more on how to use that machine.

Nicole’s Classes – I heard about this on a recent Lively Show Epsiode, and am considering taking a class soon. Probably on Illustrator because I still feel like I have a lot to learn here to make better custom graphics for the blog.

Social Media with Style Workshop – Lauren, a local blogger and entrepreneur in Madison hosts this online workshop and I learned so much about social media that I didn’t know! Through the class, I also had the opportunity to network with other bloggers in the Madison area, which was awesome!

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  1. Kathy says:

    Love my new website, just need to populate it further. Thanks!

    May 11, 2015
  2. Love the idea of short courses, classes and workshops! Great, fun ways to develop skills and uncover new talents.
    Roxanne x | A Day In Life

    July 3, 2015