Next Issue: My Favorite iPad App

I recently upgraded my iPad from the 1st generation monster I bought as a graduation present to myself, and got the new iPad Air 2. Once I got it all set up, the first thing I did was download the Next Issue App.
My Favorite iPad App - Next Issue

My Favorite iPad App - Next Issue

I have told you I am a huge magazine reader, especially one of those who is tricked into buying magazines in the airport. It was not uncommon for me to buy two per trip which (for weekly trips) adds up fast. Next Issue is a subscription based app, through which I can get all of the magazines I was buying, direct to my iPad. Some of the magazines on Next Issue are exactly how they are printed, and others (like People Magazine) have been modified to take advantage of the mobile platform. Some magazines even have tweet and pin buttons right on recipes etc. So handy!

You can browse all of the titles (full list here), save your favorites, and then download the editions you want to read. With flying a lot, I love that I can read the magazines I want offline.

Below is a screen capture of what I am currently reading.

As a newly engaged lady, having Brides and Martha Stewart Weddings at my finger tips when traveling instead of having to go lug around the bulky weddings mags is HUGE. Also, I can screen capture anything I like and post to my Pinterest board or send to my patient fiancé and mother.
My Favorite iPad App - Next Issue

My Favorite iPad App - Next Issue

For travel and food mags, I am reading Food and Wine, Travel and Leisure, Conde Nast Traveler and Bon Appetit. And in the celebrity gossip category, I get my fill of People and Us.

My Favorite iPad App - Next Issue


Sounds cool right? Yah, it is. So, I am going to post a refer a friend link on my Twitter and Facebook, which means you can try the app for free for 60 days*! You can always try it free for 30 days at this link, but why not try it out for longer? Awesome, right?! YUP!

Give it a whirl and let me know what you think!

This post is not sponsored by Next Issue, just me telling you about an awesome app that I love.

*If you end up subscribing I will get a $25 gift card, but I promise to put the gift card towards an awesome giveaway on the blog.

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