What I’m Listening To: A Podcast Roundup

I have been listening to podcasts a lot recently. I love listening to a podcast on my way to work because I am not a huge fan of the radio, and I find that it wakes me up faster! Below is a round up of some of the podcasts I am really into recently and some great episodes I have listened to. What are your favorite podcasts? Always love recommendations!

This American Life

I think this one is a given in the “podcast” world. It is usually the first one that anyone mentions listening to (aside from Serial) and I love the stories they feature. A coworker turned me on to the podcast and I have been listening every week since, and often going back to some of the archives and fan favorites. Below are a few I have really enjoyed recently. You can stream them on your phone from the This American Live website, or download each weeks episode on Monday mornings (I use the Podcast App on my iPhone).
360: Switched at Birth – A story starting in Prairie Du Cheine, WI, this is an incredible story of two women switched at birth and the events surrounding and after.
218: Act V – The story of a prison arts program performing Hamlet’s Act V and the actors that play the characters.
513: 129 Cars – Interested in how car dealerships work? I wasn’t but this one definitely made me think more about car sales and those doing the selling!
547: Cops See It Differently, Part One and 548: Cops See It Differently, Part Two – With all of the current events in the news, I found this one to be an incredibly timely analysis of the state of race and policing in America. By no means do these episodes solve the problems or propose solutions, but did provide a view into the different perspectives on the matter.
492: Dr. Gilmer and Mr. Hyde – if you liked Sarah Koenig’s reporting in Serial, here is another mysterious story of a doctor in a rural community and the events surrounding a murder.


Invisibilia is a podcast that explores the invisible forces that shape our world. While that might sound vague or just plain weird, I promise that when you listen you will be hooked. The exploration of expectations on what we achieve was incredibly interesting.
The Secret History of Thoughts – Have you thought about where your thoughts come from an why? The story of the locked in man in this podcast is one of my favorites.
Fearless – Have you ever thought about what life would be like if you didn’t experience fear? There is one woman who knows what that is like.
How to Become Batman – Have you ever heard of a blind man who can ride a bike? Learn his story here. This podcast was also featured on an episode of This American Life.

The Lively Show

I just started listening to The Lively Show and I am hooked. As a blogger, Jess’s interviews with other much more successful bloggers are hugely insightful, but her “Mini Editions” and other podcasts are a great thought provoker in the mornings or on the way home. I recently listened to her 2015 episode and felt like I needed a paper and pen to take notes. I have a few suggestions below, but honestly, just go to the website and click the topics you are interested in. She interviews a ton of different people, and it feels like you are just in a sitting room chatting with the two of them.
Talking Fashion and Style Blogging with Liz Schneider – If you read Sequins and Stripes, this is a great interview with Liz, and you learn a bit more about her background how she fell into blogging. Aside from the industry pieces, Liz just sounds like a relatable girl you would want to sit down and have coffee with!
Stopping the Glorification of Busy with Katie Richardson – I think this is something we can all relate to. The word busy has become one of my biggest pet peeves, and I say it all the time. This is a great podcast of the overuse of the word and how to rise above.
Mini Edition: Being More Intentional in 2015 – This is an awesome episode with great recommendations and tips to be more intentional in 2015 and start the year off right. I only recently listened to it, but i have been referencing this page to read and listen to the various resources and start taking some baby steps in my own life.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing The Lively Show! I’m so glad you are enjoying the Thursday and Mini Editions on Tuesdays. : )

    I hope you have a great weekend!

    February 27, 2015
  2. […] have mentioned before that I listen to the Lively Show pretty religiously, and I recently listened to the episode with UJ […]

    April 23, 2015