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Happy Friday!

I don’t know if it is just me, but this week has been flying by. I think it is the impending ski trip, or the snow – who knows. Anyways, below I have a round up of some of the links I have seen floating around the web recently and thought you might like. I hope you have something fabulous planned for the weekend!

РLuckily we live near a Sundance here in Madison, so I am hoping to see some of these Sundance Films when they are released. If you live in NYC or another big city area, I am jealous!

– I love eating out and eat out a lot for work (for better or worse) and totally related to these 20 Things Only People Who Love Going Out To Eat Understand.

– I loved this Glitter Guide Career Profile on Rebecca Atwood! I was so fascinated by how she got her company up and running, and think her prints are really neat!

– Do you love self development books? I have a bunch of them, but can never find the time to get through them. Closest I have come recently is Yes, Please (great book BTW). Anyways, this is a great round up of self development books, and a reminder that I need to get reading!

РAs someone who travels often, I thought these reasons to dress up on planes were entertaining.

– If you’re a book lover and lover of great pictures, these 51 book quotes are for you.

– If you are interested in learning to code, here are a list of great places to start! As I mentioned before, the Code Create Now course I took was amazing too!