Monday Musings

What a phenomenal weekend?! My boyfriend and I celebrated three years together with a fun filled day together and a great night with some friends! Sunday was spent making a whole lot of food to bring to a Super Bowl Party (empanada and guacamole recipes to come) and watching the Patriots beat the Seahawks was incredibly satisfying. While it wasn’t quite the Packers win I would have liked to see, I did enjoy seeing the Seahawks lose.

This is going to be a long week, but I cannot wait to cap it off with a relaxing ski trip up north. Until then I will be conquering this week; catching up on some podcasts (currently listening to Invisibilia and The Lively Show), working on my Social Media With Style and A Beautiful Mess Photoshop for Bloggers courses, making some delicious food, and enjoying another week at home!

Happy Monday! (and bachelor night!!!)