Cozy Errands Outfit

Errands Running in the Snow-2

You know those days when you just do not want to put on real clothes? Yah, me too. Sunday was one of those days.

After church (New Years Resolutions in action), the man friend and I had a bunch of errands to do, and I had already been in tights for over two hours. I just wanted to be comfortable again, so I went for it.

Zella makes my absolute favorite leggings. They are warm, reversible, and completely the most comfortable. Honestly, the waist band never digs in and they are so easy to move in. They are perfect for a workout or under a long sweater with booties, and absolutely perfect for a winter weather Sunday.

This J.Crew coat gets so many compliments. I wanted a coat that could drown away the bleakness of the winter, so I chose this one because I absolutely love the bright color and the simple silhouette. I have been really happy with the investment. It is perfect to throw on for some errands or dress up.

As for that neck decoration, this Jocelyn fur infinity scarf is so warm and helps to dress up a simple outfit. Santa has great taste!

Top it all off with the J.Crew Camp Socks (I have them in four colors) and my favorite Bean Boots, I was ready to go for a day of running errands in the falling snow.

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  1. kate says:

    oh my gosh, yesss recently found Zella leggings myself. so good! and love this bright coat on you, I keep talking about getting one but haven’t made the investment yet!

    January 28, 2015