Merry Craftmas 2014: Candles in Mugs!

Drum roll please! This years Christmas Craftiness is…
I love candles and how they add a homey and warm scent to the room. I saw some candles on Pinterest in Mason Jars, and I thought it was a cute idea, especially because I could pick the scents and customize them for my friends. I was originally going to make them in the Mason Jars, but I saw these mugs when I was at World Market and I was sold.

Making the candles was remarkably easy, but was time consuming. I bought all of my materials on Amazon (aside from the mugs) and used these instructions online. I bought enough materials for 20 candles along with a variety of scents.



    NB. Do this in a well ventilated room. I got a MAJOR headache half way through this process and needed to open all windows!

  1. Stick a wick to the bottom of each of your vessels
  2. Using skewers or pens wrap the wick to keep the wax uprightCraftmas Candles-8
  3. Measure out 1lb of wax chips on the Kitchen Scale
  4. Add the wax into your melting vessel on low. (I used the wax melter and added all wax into it at once. I didn’t stir it at all, but left to melt in the pot. It melted best without any stirring. Once I realized the wax melting process was pretty time consuming, I used left over 32oz tomato cans in a water bath (Also on low heat) adding in the wax in increments because as it melted there would be more room.)Craftmas Candles-2
    Craftmas Candles-4
    Craftmas Candles-5
    Craftmas Candles-6
    Craftmas Candles-7
  5. When all of the wax is melted, remove from the heat and let cool until ~90˚F.
  6. Once cooled, pour in the scent and stir.Craftmas Candles-3
  7. Pour the wax into the holder and let cool. If you see any bubbles when you pour the wax out, try to disrupt them.Craftmas Candles-9
  8. Once dried (I waited until overnight) cut the wick to the height you want.Craftmas Candles-10
    Craftmas Candles-11
    Craftmas Candles-12
  9. Repeat until all candles are made. To clean the wax melters between meltings, wipe out with paper towels immediately after pouring out the wax.

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