Learning to Write Prettier


What do you do on a miserably rainy night in Boston with your best friend? Take a Calligraphy Class at Lettering by Liz!

I have seen a lot of pretty hand written cards recently, and I knew I could make something similar. I bought a Calligraphy starter kit but struggled to copy and follow along with the instructions. I even tried some Skillshare classes, but wasn’t getting anywhere.

Then a coworker recommended the Lettering by Liz class. Liz had done her wedding invitations, and they were beautiful, so I figured it would be better to learn from an expert. Luckily, my friend C was game! Traveling every week can be pretty tiring and isolating, but I am lucky that one of my best friends is in Boston!

We showed up to Liz’s studio promptly at 5:45 and were joined by three other ladies. The studio is snug and well decorated with pretty envelopes and invitations Liz has done over the years. There were packets and name tags at each spot, and snacks (Oreos – my favorite!) and drinks. Very inviting.
Calligraphy Class-2
Calligraphy Class-3
We then became acquainted with our calligraphy pens. We learned how to hold the pen, how to best apply pressure, and then watched as Liz did a demonstration with all of the names of the students and a welcome.
Calligraphy Class-1
Next up we practiced figure 8s and hash marks to get the feel for thick and thin lines. We then learned how to learn letters and hold and angle the pen correctly while writing.

After we practiced for a bit, Liz took us each aside and wrote out our names and monograms in a variety of styles so we could take home and practice ourselves. A great keepsake!
Calligraphy Class-7
Calligraphy Class-6
Calligraphy Class-5
Calligraphy Class-4

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  1. Kathy says:

    looks like a fun time!

    December 18, 2014
  2. Bets says:

    These look beautiful! Your friend looks like she did a great job too!

    January 2, 2015