Merry Craftmas: Holiday Greetings

I love getting Holiday cards! When we were younger, my sister and I got so excited about opening the Christmas cards and seeing how things had changed in the past year.

As with last year, I made our holiday cards, and due to an abundance of weddings, we had a lot of pictures to choose from!

I did last year’s cards all by hand, and this year, I wanted to streamline the process because I didn’t have nearly as much time. This year I used Adobe Illustrator to design and print the cards. Since I created a template on which to put a printed picture, I even put them on Etsy!

I have been using Adobe a lot recently, and saw a Skillshare for Digitalizing Calligraphy and I knew that would work. I had a stock of these cards laying around, and I used my Canon Pixma printer to print up the photos, so overall cost for these bad boys were pretty low!

In short, I wrote up the Merry Merry words ~40 times to find the one I liked best, scanned them in, followed the directions from Skillshare and printed them up on the cards. I understand that not everyone has a printer/scanner or the whole Adobe Creative suite, but you could easily use the design suite at a FedEx near you.

2014 Holiday Cards

  • 5×7 Bifold Cards
  • Matte Photo Paper
  • Straight Cutter
  • Double Sided Tape
  • Printer/Scanner


  1. Decide on the text you want on your card and write it out until you find the words you want to use
  2. Scan the words into Photoshop
  3. Turn the words from color into a completely black and white image
  4. Vectorize the image in Adobe Illustrator and place it on the document the way you want to have it organized on the card (to be honest, the Skillshare describes this so well, I cannot do any justice to explain this process myself)
  5. Choose picture and shrink to the size you want
  6. Print cards and pictures
  7. Assemble with double sided tape!

TNQA 2014 Christmas Cards-4
TNQA 2014 Christmas Cards-3
TNQA 2014 Christmas Cards-1
TNQA 2014 Christmas Cards-2
TNQA 2014 Christmas Cards-5