Feeling Festive

After a glorious three days in New York, I am home for the night in Rhode Island before heading to work in Boston. This week has finally started to feel festive. It is crazy that I will be heading out east in 10 days for the holidays! Christmas is sneaking up!

New York in December is magical. I cannot think of a more enchanting and festive city (despite the rain this weekend) and I always love seeing the lights on the trees. I force marched our crew around the city and tried to catch all of my favorite Christmas spirit from 6th Ave to the tree in Rock Center. Based on how my feet feel, I accomplished that goal.

With all of the walking, and the goal to show Bud all that NYC has to offer, I shared more of the sights than the shopping (a departure from the norm) but I did get to go to the #73SpringShop! If you are in NYC, you need to swing by! I cannot wait for my Kilpatrick dress to come in! I may have to wait ~5 months before I can wear it in Madison, but that’s OK!

Once back at home (and finally out of the rain), we decked them halls! For the first time in a while, I was home to decorate the Christmas tree. I hadn’t seen some of the ornaments in years. It was so fun to decorate the tree with my mom and the pupper. Nothing makes a home feel festive like a tree and ornaments with a history.

While I am sad to be back on the road tomorrow, it has been a great few days to take a break and appreciate the time with family and friends in NYC and of course puppy love in RI.
What makes the holidays feel festive to you?

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