Christmas Break


Image via Habitually Chic

I miss the days when getting a Christmas break was a given. In high school and college I took the break for granted and slept through most of it. In the past few years, I have been lucky to have been able to take ~a week off for Christmas, and this year, it was SO needed! I was ready to relax for the week and enjoy time with my friends and family. But then, like clockwork, I got sick.

About 6 Hot Toddys into this illness and countless awful Hallmark Christmas Movies (Single Santa Seeks Mrs Claus with Steve Guttenberg is on right now) I am hoping to feel better pretty soon, but I am also planning on not posting again until after the holiday. Now is the time to be present with my family and friends, take advantage of my parents kitchen, spend time with my sister, and lavish puppy kisses on Jane (@janethegolden).

I hope you are having a good holiday with you and yours, and I will join you again in the New Year! Looking forward to 2015!