Web Gems No. 2

web-gems-2This has been a great day for web gems. Seriously, the Pitch Perfect Sequel, Cinderella, and finding out when Better Call Saul gets started!? AND today is Thursday, which means Serial! SO happy!

– As a crazed dog lover, this little golden melted me. Start about half way through. My obedience school drop out pups would have done the same.

Better Call Saul starts on February 8 at 10ET. If my DVR could go that far out, it would already be set. Cannot wait to see what Saul has up his sleeve! He is one of my favorite characters in Breaking Bad.

– Pitch Perfect is on Delta Studio right now, and I have watched it twice already. Cannot wait for the return of the Bellas this summer. I am definitely going to see this with my girlfriends! Now excuse me while I go listen to Cups and wish Anna Kendrick was my bestie.

– In the vein of upcoming movies and TV, I cannot wait for the new Cinderella movie! The trailer is so exciting, and I love the casting!

This video of Grandmas trying marijuana for the first time and then playing Cards Against Humanity is PRICELESS! There are some excellent quotes from these ladies! Check out the extended version too. The grandsons who probably thought this up are clever.

– I don’t know about you, but I read all of these books as a kid, and thinking back on them now is hilarious! I mean Amelia Bedelia was a seriously ditzy chick, and those Ducks really are rude! And Boxcar Kids, please!

– I came across this list of Design Courses online, and I really think I might take this one or this one. I really wish I had taken more classes in Graphic or Web Design in college.

– I saw this post about the #73SpringShop on Inslee’s Blog today, and I am pretty excited because I just happen to be in NYC in two weeks! I LOVE Persifor dresses, I have two of the Carter, and I am always eyeing Inslee’s gorgeous prints and ogling Society Social furniture. I cannot wait to see what other goodies they have in the shop!

– I thought this map with the favorite fast food restaurants by region was interesting. I never even knew about Culver’s before I moved to the Midwest!

– And since it is Thursday, go listen to Serial. And savor it! No Serial next weekend for Thanksgiving. Also, give some money if you want a second season! I do!